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Old Bank

Old Bank, Hanover Street, Manchester, M4 4AH

The cornerstone of co-operation, the Old Bank stands as an early example of the Co-op's commitment to Manchester. Completed in 1930, the original Banking Hall, bank managers office and network of safes are still intact and refurbishment promises to return these features to their glory days. Plans for this building include potential collaborative workspace, offices and a new extension fronting into Sadler's Yard with retail and leisure space.

  • 96,510 Sq Ft (office)
  • 3,593 Sq Ft (retail/leisure)
  • 3,343 Sq Ft (co-working and meeting space)

A mash up of Classical and Art Deco architectural styles, Old Bank also features a carved stone World War 1 memorial to all the Co-op employees that were lost in the Great War. In more recent terms, the Old Bank played host to the Old Bank Residency – a collection of B-Corp businesses and a village hall space for the local community to use.

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