From gardening to gatherings

We are  proud to be caring for 4-acres of open public space. We take this responsibility seriously, working hard to create beautiful gardens where all life can thrive.

We have created a pioneering approach to urban landscaping which moves away from low maintenance and uniformity,  to nurture and variety, increasing Biodiversity by  54% in just 2 years.

A wilder city awaits...

Home to exercise classes and summer socials, NOMA’s outdoor spaces are designed so for people to meet, relax and enjoy. You can even get your hands dirty with our Evening Gardening Club – a wilder city awaits!







Our philosophy

We have found that a neighbourhood, a city, a community and a garden all share the same habits. They cannot be built, they are things that must grow.

You cannot build a neighbourhood any more than you can build a tree; you can only create the right conditions, plant the seed, care for it, and wait.

If you’re the director of a professional services firm or an Elephant Hawk Moth, if you’re a tech start-up or a Goldfinch, we have a place for you at NOMA.

Angel Square

Angel Square

Angel Square, nestled in the heart of the NOMA neighbourhood, offers a serene green oasis amidst urban life, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and community gatherings.

Sadler’s Yard

Sadler’s Yard

Sadler’s Yard is the civic heart of the NOMA neighbourhood, named after balloonist James Sadler through public vote. Sadler’s Yard plays host to regular events and activities and is home to Pulp Coffee, The Sadler’s Cat Pub and New Century.