Live, work, create and innovate

If Manchester was the world’s first modern city then NOMA is the place where it all began…

NOMA is the place where entrepreneur Richard Arkwright built Shudehill Mill and cemented Manchester’s future as an industrial powerhouse, and where The Co-op grew on the founding principles of democracy, education and co-operation.

In embracing the area’s past, NOMA is inspiring its future, creating a new 20 acre neighbourhood where you can live, work, create and innovate.

NOMA combines the enterprising vision of the industrialists and the spirit of community, opportunity and fairness.

We are committed to creating an innovative, sustainable and responsibly-designed neighbourhood that celebrates NOMA's unique heritage.

“NOMA is a prime example of sustainable development... as setting the blueprint for sustainable development in the city.”

Joanne Roney – Chief Executive, Manchester City Council

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