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Now Showing at Sadler's Yard
Sadler's Yard, Hanover Street, Manchester M60 0AB

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Sadler’s Yard is hosting three nights of outdoor cinema at the end of September, celebrating the 30th anniversary of a trio  of cult classics. Enjoy an alfresco viewing experience of releases from the vault of 1987, providing a fantasy getaway right in the heart of the city centre on a huge 32ft wide screen.

Now Showing will be giving viewers individual headsets, blocking out exterior noise and transporting you straight into the story. As well as the main feature, DJs will be spinning hits from the era and American drive-in style street food will be on offer, plus drinks from The Pilcrow so you can enjoy a gin spritz whilst marvelling at He-Man’s biceps. 

Thursday 28th: Masters of the Universe

“From a distant galaxy…they have come to earth.”

Dolph Lundgren at his sweaty and brilliant best. OK, the accent wanders but the hair is impeccable.

Can He-man save the sorceress from Skeletor in this classic battle to save Eternia?

Friday 29th: The Princess Bride

“It’s as real as the feelings you feel.”

Can Wesley battle wrestlers, fencers, cliffs and fire swamps to rescue his beloved Princess Buttercup? Inconceivable!

Saturday 30th: The Lost Boys

“Being wild is in their blood.”

Santa Carla, California: full of damn vampires. Can Sam and the Frogs defeat the head vampire and stop Sam’s brother, Michael from turning... and from eating maggots? 

Doors will be at 7pm nightly with the main feature starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5, with seating, free popcorn and a private headset provided. Layers are recommended to be prepared against the Manchester weather, though some wet weather provisions will be available. Visit www.nowshowingatsadlersyard.eventbrite.com to secure your ticket!

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