Future Everything

City Fictons
NOMA, Manchester, M60 0AG

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Over the FutureEverything festival weekend, a pop-up city will take over NOMA in Manchester. This will take the form of a speculative city, one imagined through conjecture and curiosity. Visitors are invited to experience future visions of city life, realised through extraordinary design fictions, art, architecture and family friendly workshops....

  • Hello Lamp Post: Speak with newly sentient street furniture and city institutions
  • CV Dazzle Anon Salon: Free anti-surveillance and facial recognition hairdressing and makeovers.
  • Winning Formula: Installation and newspaper from 2018 on the future of data and sport
  • Parliament of Urban Rights: A free-access debating space for a universal declaration of urban rights
  • DataCafe: Cafe serving food, drink and data
  • Fixperts Hub: Bring something to be fixed, and become a fixpert
  • BUQs workship: Build an electronic lifeform
  • Punchcard Economy: Reflection on labour in data and knitting
  • Benjolin Analogue Synth Workshop: Build your own noise box
  • Critical 3D Printing: 3D printing and 3D mashups with Golan Levin
  • BBC Connected Studio: A full day event exploring the future of media
  • BUQs: A swarm of autonomous, connected, electronic lifeforms
  • Pink Sheet Method: Personal data consultations with art collective thickear
  • Smart Citizens: Become a data sharing smart citizen
  • Bio Strike: Manufacture a three course lunch in a petri dish
  • Endless War: Art installation of WikiLeaks war reports
  • Watching The Watchers: Civilian surveillance of secret military aircraft
  • NoPayPhone: Free call service offers donated free minutes to public phone boxes
  • Social Capital: Taking pop-up architecture to its logical conclusion
  • CoGet: Things Moving People Around
  • Storystorm: Collaborate to tell the story of the future city
  • You Are Not Here: Pathways of discovery and temporary architecture
  • Unit X: Architectural interventions in the fictional city


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