Eating and Drinking at NOMA

There’s more to life than work which is why we’re creating a fantastic range of places at NOMA where you can shop, eat and relax.

NOMA is a gateway to Manchester’s buzzing shopping, eating and entertainment area and the city’s boho, creative and independent Northern Quarter.

Sadler’s Yard has already set a tone for things to come at NOMA. It’s not only Manchester’s new city square but an event space. During the week, you can pick up an artisan coffee whilst browsing our outdoor art gallery or bring the family down to one of our regular weekend events, themed around music, making and fantastic streetfood with a twist.

And NOMA’s newest addition, The Pilcrow Pub is now open 7 days a week.  In a new approach to neighbourhood placemaking, our very own local pub has been built by hand with volunteers from all over the city and the UK’s leading mastercrafts people, creating a truly unique place for people to enjoy a craft beer in the surrounds of Sadlers Yard.