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Manchester Walking Tours App Released

Manchester Walking Tours App Released

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The great history of Manchester is right beneath your feet and now it is more easily accessible than ever.

NOMA together with Magnetic North and Manchester City Council are proud to present the Manchester Walking Tours App.

Discover layers of history that exist around you with the clear narration and let the streets come alive with the photos and videos of the past.

The app gives you your own personal tour guide and this time, you’re in control. Its GPS capability means you can stop and start as you wish making the tours fully on demand and just the right length for you. It’s so simple, just put on your earphones, open the app and let the city intrigue you with its story. With this ‘heads up’ audio experience you never need to look down at your screen so you can keep your eyes wide open and exploring Manchester’s sights. Enjoy the app as an activity with friends or family or even just on your daily commute.

Of course a Manchester tour wouldn’t be complete without a visit to NOMA so on the app you’ll first find a tour inviting you to explore NOMA and discover both its rich heritage and the plans for the future.

Head to the App Store now and download it to your iPhone.