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NOMA is pleased to present PLANT, an open design studio that gently interrupts the dominant context of how buildings and neighbourhoods work. PLANT will operate from the ground floor of Redfern Building at Sadler’s Yard from April 15th this year.

PLANT continues the story that started with The Pilcrow, the pub at the heart of NOMA that was built through community collaboration and opened in 2016, as NOMA continues its commitment to creating a dynamic and distinct built environment through innovation and neighbourhood-led placemaking.

At PLANT, members of the public will have the opportunity to influence how NOMA evolves, designing and building things to make Manchester a better place to be. The first of these projects will see 100 chairs built by 100 members of the public under the direction of local designers. These chairs will then be used at PLANT and in Sadler’s Yard for events and sunny afternoons. Subsequent projects will be direct responses to the needs and desires of the people of Manchester, a testament to NOMA’s belief that places are a process and should therefore evolve organically and be influenced by the people that use them.

As well as offering space for neighbourhood building projects, PLANT will offer space for meetings, art exhibitions, learning and making comprising of a pottery, wood workshop and a little department store - all under one roof. Visitors to the space will soon realise that it’s not designed, but continuously redesigned to meet new needs and explore new ways of working.

Plant will be operated by OH OK LTD, the team behind the delivery of The Pilcrow who formed last year united by the shared belief that places work better when everyone is involved with building them.

Work at NOMA moves on apace. Construction has underway on the first residential scheme in the neighbourhood, Moda Living’s 34-storey Angel Gardens development, since December. Investors Far East Consortium also this month revealed the designs for their planned £200m residential development at Angel Meadows, which would deliver 754 homes across four buildings. Russells Construction were appointed last month to deliver the refurbishment of Hanover, a 120,000 sq ft office, retail and leisure scheme set for completion in August 2018.

Ben Young, director at OH OK LTD, said:
“We wanted to push ourselves beyond precedent into a completely an untested territory and our comfort zone has been sacrificed for the promise of something more much more interesting. We hope that the outputs of PLANT will be a pleasing synthesis of a range of different disciplines, ideas and DIY attitude. One part Bauhaus, two parts B+Q.”

Nicky Moore, brand and marketing manager at NOMA, said:
“It’s exciting to be able to continue NOMA’s relationship with design thinking and innovative ways of engaging communities. The Pilcrow not only showed us how enthusiastic people are about their local areas but also how willing they are to get involved in the creation process, and this is something we want to embrace fully throughout the development of the neighbourhood.” 

Find out more at and follow PLANT on twitter @PLANTNOMA