NOMA Sports Facilities Take First Place

NOMA Sports Facilities Take First Place

NOMA has announced plans for two sports pitches at the heart of the 20-acres development, on land currently used for car parking off Miller Street, Manchester.  The recreational facilities are the first of their kind in the city centre.

A spokesperson for NOMA said: “As NOMA develops we will continue to explore opportunities to create amenities which will benefit residents and workers alike. In this case two recreational sports facilities on land to the right of the CIS tower on Miller Street.

“This is a great new facility in Manchester city centre that reduces the need for a lot of people working and living here to drive significant distances to access sports facilities.

“This project will also benefit local schools, as our partner in the development – Activate – has a long history of engaging with education providers to provide health and well-being advice.

“The sports facilities are part of NOMA’s place making strategy, and are an intermediate use of the land designed to create character and drive footfall.  Over time this area will eventually be given over to office use.”

NOMA is the £800 million scheme to redevelop 20 acres of the northern part of Manchester city centre. The 10 year programme will create a truly mixed use district, incorporating office space, residential, and leisure facilities.